Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Diaz is Confident in Cotto’s Skills

Mayweather has been undefeated for over 42 fights in a row. And he has stated once again that after the Cotto vs Mayweather fight, his record will be 43-0. Mayweather has already started training and this could be his toughest match facing Miguel Cotto for the 154 lb title. Many boxing critics have a strong feeling that Floyd could be peaking to early.

This was also the same statement that Freddie Roach told Manny Pacquiao saying it is a bit early to fight Marquez. When a fighter starts “too” early, he is always burned out before fight night.

The question remains what makes Cotto any different? In almost any cases, Cotto’s biggest advantage over Mayweather is his power but when it comes to that, he also needs to make his punches hit his target. Cotto is strong and his defense is above average. The only thing that lacks within Cotto is reflexes and that is being quick in delivering his punches.

Cotto has already been training in Florida with his Cuban coach Pedro Diaz building together a “perfect strategy” in defeating Mayweather.

Diaz helped Cotto win an epic battle with Antonio Margarito way back in December with Cotto before they parted ways with Hall of Famer Emanuel Steward.

Diaz admitted that when Cotto fought Margarito was not an easy fight. He also said it took a lot of adjustments of some matters but in the end Cotto and Diaz formed a valuable friendship outside the ring.

Diaz also told critics that this won’t be an easy fight.

“I tell them to watch the fight and when the end result is a victory for Miguel – we’ll talk,” said Diaz in an interview at

Mayweather vs Cotto is scheduled this coming May 5th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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Mayweather vs Cotto

May 5, 2012 at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada USA.

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