Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Floyd’s Shows the World his Sparring Session

Mayweather’s spirit is an all time high as he prepares for yet another fighting fest this coming May 5th with Cotto. And for the first time ever, since his encounter with Paul Spadafora 10 years ago, Mayweather allowed the world to witness a shocking revelation and that he allowed his sparrng session to be broadcast via live stream on UStream Monday. The session that lasted about 30 minutes took place between him and Omar Henry who has been compared as a doppelganger to the Puerto Rican fighter Cotto.

The Cotto vs Mayweather fight had already started broadcasting on their real live footage and Mayweather was the first one to let us catch a glimpse on how he trained in the ring.

Floyd show spectacular moves with his defensive stance given that he is also best defensive fighter in the world of boxing today.

Floyd continues to dazzle fighting fans that he is the strongest fighter in the game. His style distresses his opponents and his defense is unbreakable. Mayweather is playing catch me if you can, a style in which speed and defense is his best offense during the fight.

There’s an old cliché that goes like this “You got to catch me before you can hang me!” And certainly Mayweather has been successful with no fighter attempting to catch him on the ropes. From the looks of it no boxer still couldn’t strategically figured out what Floyd has in mind. It could be Cotto or Pacquiao who knows? At the end of the day, Mayweather still keeps it a secret. In the end the live sparring session could just be a trick to lure Cotto out of his defense.

Catch Mayweather vs Cotto with less than a month of training as they battle it out for supremacy this coming May 5th.

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  • Jun Jun

    I truly agree, I think that Mayweather is trying to lure Cotto into a diferent training technique. Little he must know that Cotto blocks himself and his team from all media intervention. Cotto is way smarter than people think. He has a good plan and that plan will be revealed on fight night.

  • Danny

    cotto will struggle he probably is training well and have a good plan but floyd mayweather makes you fight his fight 42 have tried 42 have failed

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