Thursday, September 3, 2015

HBO 24/7 Series Begin Showing Mayweather and Cotto’s Camp in Full Swing

HBO’s much awaited 24/7 series is now rolling out as the first episode has been shown over the network. Cotto vs Mayweather is under the spotlight again this time around their upcoming fight is being showcase. On Saturday night, the cameras give us a glimpse on Mayweater’s camp in Las Vegas as well as Cotto’s lair in Florida.

The first episode was mediocre as Mayweather had the entire spotlight garbed at his feet, while Cotto showcased a low profile with confident looks.

It’s not just the Mayweather vs. Cotto fight that the world is dying to see but Mosley and Alvarez is also expected to hit the undercard title. These are just two of boxing’s greatest fight ever. The question still remains what will happen after their fight?

For Mayeather, he is going back to jail to serve a 90-day sentence for domestic dispute with his wife. IF he can get a 30-day cut with good behavior then Mayweather can be out as early as August to fight Alvarez.

Alvarez want to return back to the ring this coming Sept 15. To fight near Mexican Independence Day as tribute to his country.

24/7 Mayweather vs. Cotto HBO 24/7

If Mayweather is given allowance by the court to move his sentence to a five month hiatus, then he can surely have justice to train for his upcoming fight. Together with his uncle Roger Mayweather, they can both be an unstoppable pair. With Mayweather already training in the guidance of his uncle with his Cotto fight, he can surely be in for another fight real soon. It could either be Pacquiao or Alvarez but a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight still hangs on the balance.

Catch the action this with only a couple of weeks left to go as the Mayweather vs Cotto fight begins next month May 5th.

Get the latest news and round by round updates of Marquez vs Bradley this October 12.

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  • mayweather by a mile…too quick, too smart n too good, end of story

  • CH

    Dennis, Do you think Floyd will ever lose?

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Mayweather vs Cotto

May 5, 2012 at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada USA.

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