Thursday, September 3, 2015

HBO Showcases Mayweather: Speaking Out Show; Stewards Expresses on Cotto’s Style

WBC welterweight holder Mayweather, will be feature in HBO’s show, “Floyd Mayweather: Speaking Out”, starting this April 21 as he advances his HBO Pay Per View clash with title holder Miguel Cotto. The Cotto vs Mayweather fighter is set centerstage this coming May 5, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada.

Their latest program will be hosted by acclaimed author, Michael Eric Dyson.

According to Ken Hersman, president of HBO Sports, the said new program is an extraordinary show as it will show viewers a glimpse of behind the scene footage of Mayweather vs Cotto train from the backstage.

In their latest installment with Kellerman’s interview, Cotto shares his secrets on his fight with Mayweather.
When asked about on how he could beat Mayweather, Cotto’s reply was simple he still doesn’t know how.

I really don’t know. I defeated Zab Judah and Shane Mosley, two fighters with very fast hands, so I’m hoping that may help me in this fight. Maybe Floyd will suddenly grow old over night?”, said Cotto.

Kellerman also asked Mayweather and his reply was straightforward that he could defeat Cotto easily as he has a very high boxing IQ and being defeated is of little risk.

“Because my boxing IQ is so high, I will have an answer for everything he can do in there, which by the way, isn’t a whole lot. That’s why team Mayweather picked Cotto for the fight in the first place. Big money for me, with little risk of defeat”, said Mayweather.

On the other hand Edward Steward sees the fight in another way around with him praising Cotto having a solid plan defeating Mayweather.

In his latest interview “On The Ropes” boxing radio Steward expresses his opinion with Cotto. “Cotto’s going to have to have a definite solid plan because Floyd Mayweather Junior is one of the best all around boxers I ever saw”

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Mayweather vs Cotto

May 5, 2012 at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada USA.

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